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The first step to creating your printed picture frame mat is to select a size.  Below are our standard sizes.   

If you need a size that is not shown or have a complicated issue not addressed by the interface, please go to our custom design page, Glad To Help. 

After selecting a size, you will be taken to our design window where you can specify frames or mat-only, horizontal or vertical orientation and add our graphic headers or upload your own graphics.  You can add text and even upload your own image for printing and placement in the window of the mat.

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Mat Size Descriptions

12x12(8x8) Mat Size


Actual window size 7 3/4×7 3/4.  The modern square design provides the most graphic/comment area relative to size.  Plenty of room for signatures.  Window designed for cropped 8×10.

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16x16(9x9) Mat Size


Actual window size 8 3/4×8 3/4.  Large 3 5/8 inch borders provide the room needed for lengthy comments or a large number of signatures whether printed or signed after mat production.  Available with or without a picture frame.Enter Design Portal

18x18(10x10) Mat Size


Actual window size 9 3/4×9 3/4.  Our largest standard design with 4 1/8 inch borders.  Plenty of room for large graphics and a large image.  An impressive presentation as an expression of recognition.

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11x14(4x6) Mat Size


Actual window size of 3 3/4×5 3/4 allows maximum room in a smaller presentation.  Available horizontal or vertical .  Can be ordered with or without a picture frame.

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11x14(8x10) Mat Size


Traditional smaller size, 11×14, with a traditional 8×10 window size, actual window size 7 3/4×9 3/4.  Available as horizontal or vertical, framed or unframed.

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14x18(5x7) Mat Size


A medium sized presentation with lots of room for graphics and signatures/comments.  Actual image window is 4 3/4×6 3/4.  Although a smaller presentation, this mat gives you 4 5/8 inches of space on the right and left and 5 5/8 inches top and bottom.

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14x18(8x12) Mat Size


Window is a digital format size and measures 7 3/4×11 3/4.  Perfect choice for a full 8×12 image.  Available vertical or horizontal and framed or unframed.  Can be used to celebrate a birthday, retirement or any celebration.  Just add the graphics, we will do the rest.

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16x20(8x10) Mat Size


Don’t want to crop your 8×10 image?  This traditional 16×20 mat size with a 7 3/4×9 3/4 actual window size provides ample room, over 4 inches right and left and 6 inches top and bottom for extended comments or large signatures.  Available horizontal or vertical, framed or unframed.

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16x20(11x14) Mat Size


Have an 11×14 image?  This 16×20 mat can handle it.  Actual window size is 10 3/4×13 3/4.  Mat is large enough to show off your large image and add graphics and multiple signatures/comments.  Available horizontal or vertical, framed or unframed. A traditional mat size with a traditional image size.

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